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Grammar and Vocabulary
Complete the sentences with the correct answers.

  1. My sister __________ very tired today.
  2. His __________ is a famous actress.
  3. I'd like to be a __________ and work in a hospital.
  4. We __________ like rap music.
  5. There __________ a lot of water on the floor. What happened?
  6. He __________ TV at the moment.
  7. Helen is very __________ . She doesn't go out a lot.
  8. Did you __________ to the beach yesterday?
  9. Have you got __________ orange juice? I'm thirsty.
  10. Let's go into __________ garden. It's sunny outside.
  11. He's __________ for the next train.
  12. Mark __________ his car last week.
  13. I bought some lovely red __________ today.
  14. Which bus __________ for when I saw you this morning?
  15. Where __________ you like to go tonight?
  16. That's the __________ film l've ever seen!
  17. My dad __________ his car yet.
  18. l've been a doctor __________ fifteen years.
  19. Look at the sky. lt __________ rain.
  20. If I __________ this homework, the teacher will be angry!
  21. This book is even __________ than the last one!
  22. l'll meet you __________ I finish work.
  23. We're getting married __________ March.
  24. lf you __________ steak for a long time, it goes hard.
  25. I __________ you outside the cinema, OK?
  26. I __________ not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile.
  27. The criminal __________ outside the hotel last night.
  28. He asked me if I __________ a lift home.
  29. lf I __________ older, l'd be able to vote in elections.
  30. You __________ go to the supermarket this afternoon. l've already been.
  31. Kathy drives __________ than her sister.
  32. The __________ near our village is beautiful.
  33. I'm __________ I can't help you with that.
  34. lt was really __________ this morning. I couldn't see anything on the roads.
  35. Can you look __________ my dog while l'm away?
  36. lf I'd started the work earlier I __________ it by now.
  37. This time next year I __________ in Madrid.
  38. I wish he __________ in front of our gate. lt's very annoying.
  39. He said he'd seen her the __________ night.
  40. I __________ agreed to go out. I haven't got any money!
  41. It was good __________ about her recovery, wasn't it?
  42. I __________ the report by 5.00 p.m. You can have it then.
  43. Because of the snow the teachers __________ all the students to go home early.
  44. Thanks for the meal! It was __________ .
  45. Look! Our head teacher __________ on TV right now!
  46. It's __________ to drive a car over 115 km/h in the UK.
  47. There's a lot of rubbish in the garden I need to get __________ of.
  48. l'm afraid it's time we __________ .
  49. He wondered what __________ .
  50. They __________ our salaries by 5%.
  51. Reading
    Read the text.

    Saucy Dragons

    Levi Roots, a reggae singer from Jamaica, has a big smile on his face these days. In case you missed it, Levi recently appeared on the famous reality show for people with business ideas, Dragon's Den. The participants have to persuade the team of business experts that their ideas are excellent and hope that two or more of the team will decide to invest money in their business idea.

    Levi did just that!

    The singer, who has been a successful music artist for several years, also sells something he calls 'Reggae, reggae sauce'. It is made using special secret ingredients from his grandmother and is a hot Jamaican sauce that is eaten with meat. Until now it has only been possible to buy the sauce from Levi's website or once a year at the famous Notting Hill carnival. But now, thanks to the TV programme, that is all going to change!

    Levi presented his business idea to the team and started with a catchy reggae song about the sauce to make them sit up and listen. He certainly got their attention! He then described his plans for the sauce. This part of his presentation didn't go so well. He made mistakes with his figures, saying that he already had an order for the sauce of 2 and a half million when in fact he meant 2 and a half thousand! But, the team were still interested and amazingly, two of the team offered to give $50,000 to the plan in exchange for 40% of the company. Mr Roots was ecstatic!

    Levi is even happier today. It seems that two of the biggest supermarkgt chains in the UK are interested in having the sauce on their shelves. In addition to this, Levi is recording the 'Reggae, reggae sauce' song and we will soon be able to buy or download this. `It's all about putting music into food,` says Levi with a big, big smile on his face! And music and food will probably make him a very rich man indeed!

  52. At the moment Levi isn't very happy.
  53. Levi sells something we can eat.
  54. His song is a big success.
  55. He sang his song on TV.
  56. Some supermarkets want to sell his product.
  57. Dragon's Den is a show about __________ .
  58. To make the sauce __________ .
  59. When Levi presented his idea __________ .
  60. Some people on the team __________ .
  61. Today Levi __________ .

lmagine you have just returned from a two-week holiday. Write an e-mail to your friend telling him/her about the holiday. lnclude information about the journey, where you stayed, what you did and the people you met.

(Please write approximately 150 words)