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Corporate/HRDF Training Courses

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GEC has many programs to choose from – see the indvidual page links for more information about each course. Many students start in General English and then decide to move on to other courses. If you already know what you’d like to study, tell us your preferred option on the enrolment form.

arrow2 Corporate/HRDF Training Courses

In the business world today there is a frenzied level of competition that has forced companies to transform the way that they conduct their business. Customers are more varied and their demands and expectations are more global. Businesses today need to be more efficient and agile in order to sustain themselves and grow. Due to Globalization in businesses worldwide the need for employees to be able to use and understand basic English language has increased threefold over the last few years. It is no longer enough for employees to be competent in their positions within a company. Today they need to be able to communicate effectively with clients worldwide as well as nationally.

Globalization and the internet have made English the universal language. The majority of business is conducted in English nowadays. With this in mind Global English Centre has developed a variety of courses for the Business Community, the Hospitality Industry, and Basic English courses to suit everyone and every level of English. These versatile programs enable employees to communicate immediately using the skills learned in these short courses. We cannot make them fluent in a few days, but we can help them to communicate more effectively.

Long-term programs are also available both full and part-time at times scheduled to suit the employer.

arrow2 Sample of some programs offered

  • B1003 : Business writing & E-mails
  • B1008 : Telephone Etiquette
  • B1009 : Customer Service – The WOW Factor4 : Business Meetings & Presentations
  • B10011 : Receptionist English Skills / Vocabulary / Etiquette
  • H1001 : General Hospitality English
  • H1002 : The WOW factor of Hospitality Customer Service
  • H1003 : General Hotel English & Vocabulary
  • H1005 : English in Tourism Training/ Vocabulary
  • H1006 : Handling Complaints & Avoiding Conflict
  • H10010 : F n B English/ Vocabulary/ Up-selling
  • H10011 : Restaurant English/ Vocabulary/Etiquette
  • H10012 : HotelHousekeepingEnglish/Vocabulary/Etiquette
  • H10013 : Hospitality Industry Listening Skills
  • H10017 : English in the Hospitality Industry
  • H10023 : English for Room Service Staff
  • H10024 : English for Tour Guides
  • E1001 : Basic General English
  • E1002 : All Levels of English – Beginners to Advanced

arrow2 Assessment

Student progress is assessed through in-class quizzes in the core areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as meta-skills such as presentation delivery and structured discussions.

This process enables students to recognize their individual progress.

Individual progress reports can be sent to the employer if requested.

Time scheduling will completely depend on the employer’s preferred class time.

For further information on the training programs provided by GEC you can contact us by the following:

Phone: 088-426810

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