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Staff at the Global English Centre are always willing to help you with any questions you may have. To help you prepare for your trip we have compiled the following information which, we believe, will help you adapt more quickly to a new country, climate, college, customs and lifestyle.

arrow2 Student Transportation

Most of those who visit Sabah will probably find out that public transportation is one of the main hurdles with regards to travelling around Kota Kinabalu. The public transport system here is not as convenient and not as well organized as other countries.If you wish to travel all around Kota Kinabalu or even the whole Sabah GEC Provides 3 main methods of transportation for our students.

arrow2 GEC Bus

When not in use for airport pickups or school organised activities the Global English Centre bus is available to provide transportation for Students to the down town shopping district. Students can utilise the GEC bus as a cheaper alternative to Taxis.

arrow2 Motorbike & Car Rental

The traffic condition in Sabah is considered light and easy compare to other big cities, direction to destination is very straightforward and easily recognizable petrol station can be spotted everywhere in the city area. The only thing that you need to be careful of is that in Malaysia we drive in the left lane. It’s not a very complicated thing to drive here so most often our students rent the Scooter bikes as their main method of transport, it is cheap, economical to run and most of all easy to park. Either Alvina or Sam will assist our Students to hire the bikes/cars.

arrow2 Taxi

As the third and last alternative GEC also provides our students with six taxi drivers that can assist with transportation. The taxisare a little pricey as most of them are not metered, so yes, you will have to bargain!

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