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GEC has many programs to choose from – see the indvidual page links for more information about each course. Many students start in General English and then decide to move on to other courses. If you already know what you’d like to study, tell us your preferred option on the enrolment form.

arrow2 Everyday English Program

The Everyday English Program is held twice a week and students may study for as many weeks as they like. This intensive course is offered and focuses on: listening, speaking, as well as grammar correction, vocabulary and pronunciation. There is no particular level of English required as the emphasis is on using the English you hear in your daily life.
This program is designed to:

  • Develop students’ confidence in using English for general purposes
  • Develop students’ English proficiency
  • Improve students’ skills in the areas of speaking and listening in order to communicate more effectively using English in both formal and informal settings.

arrow2 Who is this course for?

The Everyday English Program is the best choice if you want to be able to use English better in a variety of situations. While all skills are taught, Everyday English emphasises speaking and listening, and includes a wide range of functional English to help you feel at ease in any situation. At any level, Everyday English is fun as well as instructive. You will start to feel more at home in the English-speaking world right from the beginning. Students do a progress test every term to measure their improvement.

arrow2 Course Features

  • Task-based lessons
  • Discussions
  • Individual counselling
  • Video lessons
  • Computer learning
  • Using English in the real world, e.g. shopping, eating out, going to a post office or bank, buying tickets, booking tours
  • News-based lessons



arrow2 Assessment

Student progress in listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as presentation delivery and structured discussions are assessed regularly. Every four (4) weeks, a major assessment is also done so that each student can track his progress.

arrow2 Course Outline

Everyday English Classes: Tuesday and Thursday (7 to 9 pm) 4 hrs per week.
Duration: 4 Weeks
Hours: 4 Contact hours per week
Qualification: GEC Certificate of English

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