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Staff at Global English Centre are always willing to help you with any questions you may have. To help you prepare for your trip we have compiled the following information which, we believe, will help you adapt more quickly to a new country, climate, college, customs and lifestyle.

arrow2 Student Accommodation – Quality, Suitability, Convenience

Global English Centre arranges accommodation for all students who need it. Our accommodation staff can arrange quality accommodation to suit your needs. Wherever possible, the accommodation is close to GEC and is within walking distance of Global English Centre and include the following facilities:

  • Individual bedrooms
  • Study tables in each room
  • Kitchen and toilet facilities
  • TV and lounge room
Weeks GEC Hotel Homestay (HB) Homestay (FB) Live With Teacher Self Serviced Apartments Tune Hotel
1 weeks USD 150 USD 170 USD 190 USD 270 USD 450 USD 170
2 weeks USD 280 USD 320 USD 370 USD 450 USD 900 USD 320
3 weeks USD 410 USD 470 USD 550 USD 630 USD 1,350 USD 470
4 weeks USD 350 USD 400 USD 500 USD 580 USD 1,200 USD 450
5 weeks USD 480 USD 550 USD 580 USD 760 USD 1,650 USD 620
6 weeks USD 610 USD 700 USD 860 USD 940 USD 2,100 USD 770
7 weeks USD 740 USD 850 USD 1,040 USD 1,120 USD 2,550 USD 920
8 weeks USD 700 USD 800 USD 1,000 USD 1,080 USD 2,400 USD 900
9 weeks USD 830 USD 950 USD 1,180 USD 1,260 USD 2,850 USD 1,070
10 weeks USD 960 USD 1,100 USD 1,360 USD 1,440 USD 3,300 USD 1,220
11 weeks USD 1,090 USD 1,250 USD 1,540 USD 1,620 USD 3,750 USD 1,370
12 weeks USD 1,050 USD 1,200 USD 1,500 USD 1,580 USD 3,600 USD 1,350

HB = Half Board (Homestay accommodation without Meals)
FB = Full Board (Homestay accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner Meals)
Live with Teacher = Homestay style accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner Meals

arrow2 GEC Hotel

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  • 20190611_162623 20190611_162623
Weekly Rate (USD) Monthly Rate (USD)
150 350
The GEC Hotel is exclusively for GEC Students and is located in Kingfisher Plaza, it is literally just next door to GEC. The GEC Hotel is just a short 5 second walk to GEC, the supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacy, and Seven-Eleven. Students share a modern, clean fully equipped house with other GEC international students. At the GEC Hotel you can expect the following facilities:

  • Single rooms fully air-conditioned
  • Private room with: a bed, a desk or a table, a chair, a lamp, storage space for personal belongings
  • Lockable room, safe and quite environment
  • Hotel Key Card
  • Showers and toilet facilities
  • Common room with dining table
  • Washing machine
  • Electric stove and cooking utensils
  • Bed linen
  • GEC Hotel manager on call
  • To practise your English with the International mix of students from GEC on a regular basis
  • Travel time to GEC: 10 second walk

The GEC Hotel accommodation gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn and practise your English, and it is literally just next to Global English Centre. Staying at the GEC Hotel is also a great cultural experience as you interact daily with local people and our other International Students. Our GEC Hotel is so convenient because just downstairs from the lodge you will have direct access to internet cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and even the laundry shop! The Student Lodge is not only very convenient but it is also wonderful way to experience the Malaysian culture, food and way of life while studying English with other International Students!

Student Lodge

arrow2 Homestay

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Weekly Rate (USD) Monthly Rate (USD)
Full Board 190 500
Half Board 170 400
Location Map - Homestay
Our Homestay accommodations are located in Kingfisher Park within walking distance to GEC as well as supermarkets, shops and restaurants, gyms, hair salons, Doctors, Dentists, and more. You can stay with a local English speaking Malaysian family in a clean safe, fully furnished room with internet and learn family traditions and Malaysian culture. You will enjoy meals with the family and have laundry facilities. The Homestay accommodation is ideal for individuals or families that are coming to study and are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Student Apartments.There are two different types of Homestay options:

  • Full Board is inclusive of meals prepared by the family
  • Half Board does not include any meals.

Students will be able to choose their preferred homestay option prior to arrival. At the Homestay you can expect the following facilities:

  • large double rooms
  • a private room with: a bed, a desk or a table, a chair, a lamp, storage space for personal belongings
  • lockable room, safe and quite environment
  • a house key
  • showers and toilet facilities
  • a common room with TV and dining table
  • washing machine & refrigerator
  • gas stove and cooking utensils
  • bed linen* spacious car park, garden and external clothes line
  • to practise your English with the International mix of students from GEC on a regular basis
  • travel time to GEC: 5 minute walk

The Homestay option will give you the opportunity to enjoy Malaysian family life while speaking and using the English that you have learnt, visit local attractions and community events and to make lifelong friendships. This is a great way to experience the culture, food , and way of life that you could never get from a normal tour.
Make fond memories by enjoying the Homestay option…….THE MALAYSIAN EXPERIENCE!


arrow2 Self Serviced Apartment

Weekly Rate (USD) Monthly Rate (USD)
450 1,200


Transportation Departure Dropback
Tower A 8:20 am 16:15 pm
Tower B 8:30 am 16:15 pm
Location Map - Self Serviced Apartment
1Borneo Apartments (serviced weekly) are located 10 minutes by car from Global English Centre. Perched on the 21st floor of the 1Borneo Shopping Mall the Tower B Self Service Apartments provide views of natural mountain ranges and serene seaside scenes. The apartments have two / three bedrooms and they provide all the comforts of a home. Students are able to do their own washing and cooking. Perfectly suited for a group of friends, students or families that would like to live and study together. The apartments provide the perfect setting for every occasion, whether if it is a family getaway, a group of friends retreat, or a high school study tour group, with access to hundreds of establishments from bars to restaurants, boutique shops to branded department stores, the Self Service Apartments and 1Borneo Shopping Mall has something for everyone. In the comfort of your a two / three bedroom apartment, you will enjoy:

  • Queen Sized Bed
  • 2 / 3 Single Beds
  • Ceiling fan
  • Air-conditioning in living and bedrooms
  • Open plan living and dining area
  • 32-inch LCD Television
  • Tea/Coffee making facilities & toaster
  • Cooking pots, Cutlery & Crockery, Glassware
  • Refrigerator and microwave
  • Bathroom facilities
  • All linen and towels are provided
  • Access to pool and gym facilities
  • travel time to GEC: 10 minute drive

For those International students that would like to stay at the Self Service Apartments nearby Global English Centre, arrangements will be made prior to your arrival.


arrow2Tune Hotel

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  • 144556961 144556961
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  • 145231382 145231382
Weekly Rate (USD) Monthly Rate (USD)
150 450


Transportation Departure Dropback
Tune Hotel 8:30 am 16:15 pm
Location Map - Tune Hotel
Tune Hotel Kota Kinabalu is a 3-floor hotel offering 165 comfortable rooms, it is situated 10 minutes by car from Global English Centre. Tune Hotel is within 1Borneo, East Malaysia’s largest shopping, dining and lifestyle mall furnishing queen size rooms that provide all the comforts of a home. Students are able to enjoy all that 1Borneo has to offer from fine dining, shopping, and all the latest movies at the cinema. Tune Hotel is perfectly suited for Students that would like to enjoy the comforts of a private hotel style room equipped with basic and modern amenities to give a feeling of being home while away from home. In the Tune Hotel rooms, you will enjoy:

  • Queen Sized Bed
  • Ceiling fan
  • Air-conditioned bedrooms
  • 32-inch LCD Television
  • Bathroom facilities
  • All linen and towels are provided
  • Access to 1Borneo Hypermall
  • Travel time to GEC: 10 minute drive

For those International students that would like to stay at the Tune Hotel accommodation, Global English Centre will make arrangements on your behalf prior to your arrival.


arrow2 Accommodation Fees

Additional Fees are listed as follows; these fees are to be paid to the school upon arrival in Malaysia, prices vary depending on the accommodation type choosen, the number of weeks the students stay, and if they will be sharing accommodation facilities .

  1. Student Lodge and Self Service Apartment Prices are listed monthly. Whereby students staying for a 1 week only program will be charged a ONE WEEK ONLY price. In the event that students have been enrolled into a course and overstay they will be charged an WEEKLY EXTENSION price for example an enrolled students in a 4 week course and the student wishes to stay and extra week, the 5th weekor extra week will be charged 1 monthly price + WEEKLY EXTENSION price.
  2. Students staying at the Self-Service Apartments will be charged a flat rate, they may share this rate between other students should they decide to share the accommodation together.
  3. Students staying at the Self-Service Apartments will be charged at a flat per weekly rate only

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