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GEC provides high quality personalised language learning opportunities and students services in a dynamic and supportive environment which enables our clients to achive their ongoing academic goals as well as share in a unique and multicultural and Malaysian experience.

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no1 Student-Centered
We believe that you will learn more quickly and retain the knowledge when the things to be learned are personally interesting to you. The structure of set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your special interests give you a new experience in language learning and the freedom to flourish, bringing passion and personal interest into the classroom.
no1 Central Location
GEC is located in a secure mixed residential and commercial area of Kota Kinabalu’s Southern suburbs, one of the city’s most popular and attractive areas. In GEC surroundings you can find supermarkets, hair salons, a gym, a yoga fitness centre, laundry, a variety of shops, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, dentist, hospital, cafés and coffee shops, and a multitude of restaurants providing comprehensive menus from a variety of countries.
no1 Award Winning Language Centre
The Ministry of Education Malaysia awarded GEC a 5 star rating for “Best Private Education Institution” in Sabah, Malaysia with an overall score of 98%. Since its establishment GEC has been honoured with this award for the last three years in a row, and is recognized in our industry as a leader in English education. We are a quality educator.
no1 Quality Inspected Accommodations and Homestays
GEC’s Student Accommodation Department can place you with a local homestay family, giving you a supported cultural living experience and a great opportunity to practice your language skills at home. If you want to live independently or with other students or travellers, GEC also offers student residences such as Student Lodges or Self Service Apartments.
no1 Streamlined Student Visa Processing
GEC has been authorized and licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Homeland Security and Immigration Malaysia to issue student visas for all International students for periods of three, six, nine and twelve months. GEC’s international student department has been able to streamline the student visa application process for its students. This substantially reduces the amount of documentation required and the length of time it takes to issue the student visas. From the time of submission, student visas will be approved within three weeks.
no1 Interactive Classrooms
At GEC, languages are taught in a dynamic and energetic way. We believe active communication in the classroom is the most effective way of learning – by speaking, students achieve fluency. We build your confidence and ability by practicing and using your new language skills with native speakers in conversation and other practical situations. You will learn from our knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, who have a combined 90+ years of experience in the education industry and know how to help students succeed.
no1 Full English Immersion
GEC is located in the Southern suburbs of Kota Kinabalu city,therefore you will be situated in a safe environment. You will have plenty of free time for fun while trying out your new English skills. GEC arranged activities vary from tours, ordering in local restaurants, to shopping expeditions which encourage the use of English in normal everyday situations. After class you can travel together with your classmates in your own time to explore the local attractions that will give you memories that last a lifetime.
no1 Experienced Teachers and Supportive Staff
GEC teachers are required to have a university degree, a recognized English teaching certificate, and relevant teaching experience. All our instructors are native English speakers, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire you. GEC staff welcome and support you with whatever personal or academic challenges you might face and participate with you in the various activities. All this interaction sets you up for success.
no1 Exciting Activities
A GEC education is designed to maximize your language improvement and the GEC activities program complements this perfectly. Our activities are available throughout the week and weekends, so there is never a dull moment, in or out of the classroom!
no1 Diverse Student Population
GEC attracts students from around the world and is committed to maintaining a diverse student body—no single language group makes up the majority. At GEC, you will experience a truly cross-cultural learning experience, and will make amazing friendships that will last a lifetime!
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